This was an architectural and conceptual entry for the International Competition to design an extension to the Serlachius Gösta Art Museum in Mänttä, situated about 266 Kms north of Helsinki. 

“The Gösta Serlachius art collection is an important private art collection in Finland. The proposed new extension will house exhibition spaces for rotating exhibitions, collection facilities, conference facilities, premises for social receptions, offices, and a restaurant with its auxiliary spaces. The extension will also house the new main lobby and ticket desk, including their associated facilities. The net floor area of the new facilities has been specified as 3,000 square metres.The objective of the competition was to establish an architecturally high-quality, functional, and viable solution that is suited to this unique environment and an entity in which questions related to the aesthetic, technical, and financial objectives and the principles of sustainable develop- ment have been resolved in a balanced manner.”

It was envisioned in our entry to the competition that the new museum extension Giselle will become a natural and organic addition to the existing Serlachius Museum, its natural surroundings and landscape. The intervention traverses the site from north to west connecting landscapes, the lake and the river. The existing topography has been carved out of the hill opposite to the old structure to create a new context and a site that also merges into the landscape to house the new extension. Keeping in mind the historical context, the significant panoramic views and the preservation of the existing landscape, the new extension has been sited away and yet near from the old Museum.
This new building will in some ways will serve as a background building to enhance the historical values of the existing building form and architecture. An art plaza between the old and the new premises has been proposed that will become the primary binding theme of the entire site. This new art plaza will become the central point of arrival, orientation, stay and departure. It would host a variety of art and cultural activities including outdoor exhibitions, performances, installations, local arts and crafts besides and including permanent sculptures. In other words, the plaza will become the outdoor heart of the entire museum complex binding the old and the new. This plaza follows the existing building lines of the current museum, and around this all the other buildings and functions are sited. This includes the new extension that also arises naturally from this public plaza and connects to the existing facilities through the permanent collections that are placed under.Links: