The final preparations for our Energy-artifact-light installation “Light is History” has begun. We are currently looking for artists and residents of Kallio to participate in our installation.

Light is History is a community based energy art space. It is an initiative to engage citizens with issues of community well being and energy consumption in daily living through art and research.

It has received support from Aalto Media Factory and is being carried out under the Pixelvarsity initiative by researchers and students from Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture. Light is History engages the community’s cultural artifacts and energy needs assembled into a light installation that mimics an outdoor community built museum. The installation will act also as an outdoor giant therapy lamp whose energy is supplied by the participating artists and residents. It is funded by Aalto Media Factory and slated to be installed on the last week of November 2012. At this stage, we have a modular unit ready, system diagrams and the general theory of its working with community.

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