One of the biggest and pioneering scientific Conferences encompassing heritage, digital media and technologies begins in Marseille France from 28 October until 1 November. The Digital Heritage Congress 2013 will bring together several scientific events such as the VSMM(Virtual Systems and Multimedia), GCH (Graphics and Cultural Heritage) and UNESCO’s Memory of the World, besides many other exhibitions, regional and special events. Marseille is the 2013 European Capital of Culture and very appropriately the Congress venue is the MuCEM (Museum of Civilizations) and the Villa Mediterranee.

Presentation at DH2013: The Parametric Museum: Combining Building Information Modeling, 3D Projection Mapping with a Community’s Digital Collections for Cultural Heritage Museums

Building Information Modeling (BIM) for new museum building design has been in use since the past decade. It allows architects, engineers and consultants to digitally co-design structures and exhibit spaces needed for museum collections. This process leads to a complete digitization of the physical museum, creating a parametric model that opens up a possibility for future integration with the museum’s and community’s digital artifacts. Museums are also currently in the process of exploring participatory digital strategies with their user communities and engage them in collection, digitization and archival processes. A new element in the participation by visitors and community would be to engage them digitally with the museum’s building model and its physical space. Can BIM, community’s and visitors’ historic digital collections be integrated to create a shared and collaborative museum digital ecosystem? How will this digital building model of a historic museum space serve as a parametric platform for the digital artifacts of the participating community? Could a museum exhibit the community’s digital artifacts via 3d Projection Mapping using the BIM model of the interior of the museum? By this, visitors and community could then insert their own historic collections into the museum, exhibit them through AV projections and thus transform the museum space as a stage for the display of the community’s collections. Along these lines, this project investigates various digital and participatory methods to engage user communities with museum buildings. It also explores inherent challenges towards an integrated museum model, and raises questions of sustainability that come along with it.”