Ida Aalberg, Albert Edelfelt, Karl Fazer – Akseli Gallen-Kallela’s phone book from the 1920s is full of familiar names. See who’s in it, and join in the making of Gallen-Kallela’s Virtual Phone Book on the Theme Day February 9th at Gallen-Kallela Museum!

Aalto University’s Media Lab in collaboration with Gallen-Kallela Museum are building an open access digital archive based on Gallen-Kallela’s contacts in his original phone book. The archive will hold information in the form of micro-histories, connected to Gallen-Kallela and his network of friends, colleagues and acquaintances. This includes photos, texts and quotes from the museum’s archives – as well as pictures, postcards, memories and stories that the visitors of the Theme Day are invited to bring in.

A unique part of this event will be the application of an Open Source autonomous scanning robot initially developed by Project Gado of John Hopkins University Baltimore, currently under development in the Media Lab Helsinki and the Department of Computer Science of Aalto University. The robot will assist in the digitization of the historical material, adding it to the digital archive and making it available for a worldwide audience. See more:

Welcome to join in and participate in the making of the archive!

Akseli Gallen-Kallela & His Artist Friends Theme Day on February 9th at 11-17
in Gallen-Kallela Museum, Tarvaspää.

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