The following is a conceptual “Mission Statement” for Helsinki Art Museum for 2020. All views and opinions are mine and not of the institution:

The future Helsinki Art Museum of 2020 has been envisioned as a social space and a platform for Art, Cultural Objects, Artists, Workshops and Communities in the local techno-arts multi-cultural geography of Helsinki. Our aim is to generate Participation, Connectivity, Creativity, Interactivity and Making by community through Art. 

This Art is usually manifestations emerging from New Media/Digital/Fabrication Technologies-processes and/or are critical composites, agglomeration and re-interpretations of both the non-technological past and the technological present. We deal both with the realities and possibilities in the future of Art.

Quite appropriate, since our Museum is straddling both its strategic location in the old heart of Helsinki and in a historic building: the Tennis Palace that it shares with cinemas, digital screens and relatively young demographics. Here, in the confluence of transitional urban populace, the Museum provides a stable base for popular art and culture juxtaposed with evolving digital media and research aiming to generate a healthy critical debate about contemporary art, social media and urban culture in its varied forms.

From arbitrarily collecting art and curating content we have moved on to actually providing a stage and context for our local communities to generate new art and content. We also have a substantial online presence that not only displays our activities and collections but also serves our community through open access to collections, aiding collective curation, organizing community exhibitions, participatory art-digital media workshops and hosts International and National events related to it. Our Museum, both on the web and at the Tennis Palace is a constantly evolving forum, a place for you, your experimentations and your art. Come join us and lets make art!

Our 2020 activities:
– “Making” Art, using Digital Media, Fabrication Technologies with Maker Communities
– Art Movies: Workshops and Exhibitions involving cinematographers, directors, digital media experts with participation by visitors and community.
– Social aspects of Art: Digital Art for social change, sharing of Art, donation etc.
– Outreach interactive digital Art Installations in various parts of Helsinki
– Bio-Art Workshops and Exhibitions in collaboration with Bio-Arts Communities.
– Neighborhood Digital Arts Projects involving children & youth from schools
– Inter-Generational Art between (Analog) older generation and (digital) younger generation
– Hacking Art: Art generated by community after hacking original digital artifacts
– Energy Arts, Sustainable Arts, Recycled Art and Art for ecological awareness
– Kinetic Art via Ergonomics, human body, Physical Disabilities, Prosthetics.
– Art for Mental Therapy, applied art for engagement.
– Inter-Cultural Art, digital applications bridging the “Other” cultures to the “Local”.

Note: The above imagined scenario not only applies to Helsinki Art Museum but almost to any other art museum with a similar geographical and physical context. Art Museums are changing and incorporating technology to their workings. How could we possibly make an appropriate resolution between our art heritage and emerging digital media is a major task by itself.