HACKING PERISCOPE (2016): Live Broadcasting of Cultural Heritage Videos

How to inject a freshness into old cultural heritage videos? How to use live video streaming for cultural heritage? What if we could Live Broadcast old cultural heritage videos into social networks? What kind of viewers we would get? Will the broadcasts attract replays, shares, likes and follows? How would this assist open cultural heritage?

In this experiment, we use Periscope, a location-based live video streaming app. We broadcast videos from the archives of the Swedish Literature Society (SLS) Finland: https://vimeo.com/album/2706285

The project was part of the #HACK4FI 2016 event in Helsinki, February 2016.



KERPLINK (2015): A Dating & Social Discovery Application for Cultural Heritagekerplink_final

The application was inspired by Tinder, a location based dating and social discovery application. The app allows users to log in with Facebook, like/dislike open cultural heritage images from the Europeana database, the Cooper Hewitt open source collection and the Flickr Commons. Users get matched with fellow users based on similarities in image liking and browsing history. They could then engage in chats with the matched user and maybe even meet up.

The project was part of the #HACK4FI 2015 event in Helsinki, February 2015.
Link: https://hackdash.org/projects/55e0d50c74d6ac1d2145144b