Photo Credit: Isabel Beavers

Panic Breeder, a critical AI installation opened 15 November 2020 in the DeepFake Exhibition at the SUPERCOLLIDER Gallery Los Angeles. The artwork’s authors are Samir Bhowmik and Jukka Hautamäki. The exhibition is open from 15 November 2020 until 5 January 2021 (By appointment) See exhibition homepage:

Panic Breeder presents a quasi-nature documentary of imaginary fantastical species as the future inhabitants of the Baltic Sea. Taking inspiration from the evolution of species theorized by Charles Darwin, it comments on the iterative and adversarial capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to probe the terrifying future of the “survival of the fakest”. The artwork uses GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), a class of machine learning systems, where two neural networks (Generative & Discriminative) compete with each other for several training sessions. The trainings utilize a large dataset of extinct and endangered birds of the Baltic Sea to generate new images. The animation created from these fake images presents an illusory transformation and evolution of the species. Furthermore, by quantifying the energy consumption of machine learning, from among the machine-generated breeding a singular creature is manifested in physical form. In this fictional scenario, the loss of species is counter-balanced by the possibilities of AI-generated creatures to act as a temporary, if not futile antidote to climate change panic and anxiety.

The project was supported by Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence, Aalto Digi Platform and Aalto ARTS. The research was funded by Kone Foundation. FRAME Contemporary Art Finland awarded a Travel Grant for exhibiting at the SUPERCOLLIDER Gallery in Los Angeles.