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Presenting the Parametric Museum @ Digital Heritage Congress 2013 Marseille

One of the biggest and pioneering scientific Conferences encompassing heritage, digital media and technologies begins in Marseille France from 28 October until 1 November. The Digital Heritage Congress 2013 will bring together several scientific events such as the VSMM(Virtual Systems and Multimedia), GCH (Graphics and Cultural Heritage) and UNESCO’s Memory of the World, besides many other exhibitions, regional and special events. Marseille is the 2013 European Capital of Culture and very appropriately the Congress venue is the MuCEM (Museum of Civilizations) and the Villa Mediterranee.

Check my Twitter for a continuous coverage from 28 Oct – 1 Nov. Or, follow @DHeritage2013. More detailed Information about the Presentation will be available during and after the Conference.

Presentation at DH2013: The Parametric Museum: Combining Building Information Modeling, 3D Projection Mapping with a Community’s Digital Collections for Cultural Heritage Museums

A Journey to the Belly of Historic Turku: The Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum

From the banks of the River Aura, there sits an inconspicuous looking building complex embedded into the urban riverfront fabric of the oldest city of Finland. At first glance one can easily overlook the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum passing by, but for the curious and the adventurous it would lead to a veritable treasure house of Turku’s medieval history and a temple for the contemporary arts.

Exhibiting Art Deco Works at the Amos Anderson Art Museum Helsinki

An exhibition of the Art Deco Movement: a selection of French and Finnish art produced between the years 1905 -1935 is on display at the Amos Anderson Art Musuem, the largest private art museum in Helsinki (8.3.-21.7.2013) Museum Link: These wonderful pieces of Art Deco sculpture, paintings, sculpture and furniture are currently on loan from various museums in France such as the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and Musee des Beaux Arts, and from Finland such as Kiasma, Ateneum and the Turku City Art Collection.

Deploying the Vanabbe Museum Collection: Lecture by Annie Fletcher (Exhibitions Curator) @ EMMA

Annie Fletcher the Exhibitions Curator of Vanabbe Museum, Eindhoven, Netherlands delivered a lecture:“The Museum and its Uses: Deploying the Vanabbe Museum” at the EMMA(Espoo Museum of Modern Art) Espoo on 20th March 2013. The lecture was also part of the CUMMA Discourse series #7. CuMMA (Curating, Managing and Mediating Art) is a multidisciplinary Master’s degree program at Aalto University ARTS focused on contemporary art.

Ecomuseums 2012 Conference, Seixal, Portugal

The first ever Ecomuseum Conference organized by the Greenlines Institute was held in Seixal, Portugal between 19 – 21st September. I was a delegate and observer to the proceedings for 3 days that included international museum professionals from around the world who expressed their views about the new generation of upcoming ecomuseums. The conference also included a day tour of all the local Ecomuseums of Seixal., and a sailing boat trip on the river Tagus!DSC00818

Transdisciplinary Arts, Ethnography and Cultural Heritage Workshop / SERDE Aizpute LATVIA

SERDE, an arts residency in Aizpute, Latvia organized a 3 day workshop: “Transdisciplinary Arts, Ethnography and Cultural Heritage Workshop” from 24 – 26 May 2012, where I organized a 2 hour instant community participated museum (see system diagram @ end of the post) for a local weavers association, we were able to crowd-document the whole 2 hours with the help of the workshop organizers SERDE and the participants.
All Photos (c) Kati Hyppä

SPORA BOREALIS Art Installation Helsinki 2012

A GPS based video animation installation that charts the tram movements of Helsinki in real time and generates color patterns using heat signatures in the surrounding air, a process similar to the aurora borealis seen in the north of Finland.spore4spore spore spore


Exhibition Design for the Finnish Pavilion at the World Expo held in Shanghai 2010

This is an architectural and exhibition entry to a National competition call in 2008 for the design of a national pavilion for Finland in the World Expo 2010 at Shanghai.

Our design presented the pavilion as the bark of a Koivu (Birch) tree, rough on the exterior, smooth and sophisticated in the interior, somewhat representing the Finnish personality. It is reflected in the culture, the lifestyle and the architecture where truth, simplicity and beauty are held supreme. A self-contained world wherein self-realization and self-exploration create a new philosophy. The architecture of the Finnish pavilion represents this concept.

In the glitter and brightness of the world’s expo, the Finnish pavillion is a building turned outside in. Introverted in approach, it creates a separate and protected world in a foreign land. At a place where other pavilions are competing and clamouring for attention, the Finnish pavillion subtly attracts people who are willing and interested to delve and discover the finnish culture and traditions.