Trashlab monthly events, at Media Factory as part of Pixelversity 2012 programme (Pixelache Helsinki), aimed to explore experimental art-design-technology practice between hacker and maker cultures, in the context of re/up-cycling and the increased availability of new fabrication tools.

Trashlab’s objective is to build up a community of people (artists, designers, hackers, makers, re/up-cyclers, activists) inside and outside Aalto context, who are concerned with material and electronic waste in contemporary society, and tackle this problem with creative and tangential approaches.

A lecture series called ‘Talking Trash(lab) was organised to complement, which invited local, regional and European guests to speak on related topics, as a presentation on Friday early evening before each Trashlab workshop in Pixelversity 2012 calendar. In addition, ‘Light is History’ project was followed as case-example throughout the year for the overlaps fostered by Trashlab.

Pixelache’s Trashlab:

Keywords: trash, waste, recycling, upcycling, electronics, digital fabrication, social- interface, community development, peer-produced documentation.

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